POEM : The Irony of Life – Carmela Fortune

*La Perla de Gran Valor*


A new day has dawned

And so quickly it fades away

Leaving sometimes no joyous memories

To grasp, embrace and cherish

As fast as it comes, it goes

I wish I can hold on to it

But it is destined to slip away

I’m glad that I have

a sweet melody in my soul

and a lovely song in my heart

A bright hope for a better tomorrow

Although my life is not my own

It is my duty to live

A Fulfilled Life!

One, I will never regret living

One, I will always be proud of


Hadas’sah Carmela Fortune

07 -07-2008

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POEM : Light Brings Change – Carmela Fortune

*La Perla de Gran Valor*



In a world of darkness and fright

A hero is born and I am the light

I shine in all the dark places

Searching for one, who can mend the breaches


I want to see an end to crime

I think, maybe change will occur in due time

Then and only then would my people be happy and free

As we all will live once again in peace and harmony


Change is something I long to see

To live in a peaceful world again and be free

Those who want and long for change are but few

There is only so much one individual can do


No matter what,, doing your best is the key

I will prove to others that change is a reality

Change has created many great individuals

And in turn, they are influential on others


Change is something…

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